A space were you will be held and accepted as who you are. You will bring the stories and issues which get in the way of you living your life as you want to live it. We will work together to welcome and integrate the different parts of you. 

You will be supported to move forward in self- knowledge and self-acceptance.

Solution Focused Coaching

We will establish what you want to move on with in your life. We will build a picture of the preferred future you desire and together we will notice elements which are already in place. 

Through conversational process we will work together to build on the strengths and resilience you bring to support your chosen direction of change. 



Initial Session - 50 minutes - free

Counselling session - 50 minutes - £40

Coaching session - 1 hour - £50

Initial Session

If you are unsure whether you will benefit most from counselling or coaching, you can arrange an initial session and we will explore together which approach will best suit you at this time

Session Locations & Times

At the time of writing I am only offering sessions over Zoom. In the future I may be offering face to face sessions in Bristol. If you are happy to work together online there is no expectation that you will need to change to face to face in the future.

Until September 2021 I will mostly be offering early evening and weekend appointments.

Areas of particular interest

I find this hard because my area of interest is people. Having said that there are areas of work I am particularly drawn to through my own experiences as both a counsellor and a client.

MEN - As a man who has been in a men's group for 30 years I continue to explore the impact of ideas of masculinity on how I allow myself to be in the world. This could be in terms of the journey towards emotional literacy, the expectations we carry regarding our need for status in the world, our struggles to be better parents than our fathers or any other experience of being a man.

BULLYING - As a survivor of childhood bullying I am versed in the impact of this on myself as an adult. I find it easy to relate to stories of shame, sensitivity to criticism and self confidence which can be burst in an instant.

ADDICTION/COMPULSION - As a former alcohol counsellor and someone who has worked for 30 years in homelessness I am familiar with the struggles we have with our urges to look for comfort in behaviours which also harm us. I bring compassion to this area and we can work together on self acceptance as an aid to recovery.


As a Solution Focused Trained therapist - I believe in our capacity to make the changes we desire by building on our existing resources and coping strategies. 

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