About me

Counselling or coaching?

Although I am advertising two different services they are not distinct.


If you see me for integrative counselling our work together will be infused with a flavour of Solution Focused Coaching. This will show itself in my curiosity in how you have managed your own difficulties so far and my belief that you have the resources to move on in the ways you desire.

If you see me for Solution Focused Coaching, my counselling skills will be there in my focus on the development of a relationship of trust and my belief that it is you who sets the agenda and the direction of the work.

The main differences with be:

  • If you choose Counselling - and decide to work with me after the initial session - I will ask you to contract for a period of 6 sessions. This will be reviewed periodically and either extended or ended. If you choose Coaching, we will decide at the end of each session whether to book another.

  • If you choose Counselling - we are likely to explore area of your past, present and future in addressing the issues you bring. If you choose coaching we are more likely to focus on the present and the  future in moving towards the changers you want to make.

My Story

Having initially trained as an Integrative Counsellor in the late 1990's life, family and career took me into using the skills I was developing in the charity support sector - firstly as a support worker and for the last 18 years as a manager. 

During this time I continued to develop the ways I had learned to help others and myself. Around 2008 I moved in a different direction,  becoming interested in Solution Focused Brief Therapy and I qualified in this approach in 2012 leading me to to offer therapy, coaching and training in this model.  I was passionately drawn to the Solution Focused assumption that it was not necessary to understand the problem in order to move on in your life.

In recent years I have become more interested in bringing all my training and experience together into a way of working which offers:

  • a person-centred belief in the benefit of welcoming all aspects of ourselves - even the ones we don't much like.

  • a psycho-dynamic understanding of the impact of past events and relationships on how we operate in the present.

  • a solution focused confidence that buried within us are the resources to help propel us in the directions we want to go.

These approaches are contained within a safe, secure, regular relationship of trust. I will be fully present in your sessions with you and am prepared to join you on a journey of exploration, hope and possibility

My Training
Diploma in Counselling
University of the West of England 1998

Diploma in Solution Focused Practice

BRIEF - London 2012